I’ve been looking into the Foursquare application lately, noting that some of my staff seem to love checking in to venues they visit.

At first you might think it is easy to dismiss the mobile social-gaming phenom that awards the most frequent patron the title of mayor.  (Then you hear that some dirty politics may be developing around Foursquare mayorship, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported.)

BusinessWeek recognizes Foursquare’s co-founder Naveen Selvadurai as one of the best young technology entrepreneurs.

Check out this video on his take about why so many people are checking in everywhere they go:

Is Foursquare a fad or a phenomenon? That’s what the folks over at Mindshare.com asked a few weeks ago. Mindshare says that if 2009 was the year of Twitter, then 2010 most certainly must be all about Foursquare.  And with more than one million users, they might be right!

Those who want to understand how technology and social trends impact the face of their business might want to pay attention to Foursquare.

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