The World Economic Forum held in Switzerland last week announced its new class of Technology Pioneers: 31 of the most innovative technology start-ups from around the world– the companies representing 13 countries. (Interestingly, more than half of these Technology Pioneers are from the United States!)

Many of them you’ve never heard of, but they will change the world–impacting business, industry and society.  You can read their profiles here.

This year’s selection process leaned heavily on companies that are committed to finding clean and green solutions to meet the world’s energy and consumer needs.

Here are the best of the best in innovation:  Adimab, Aster Data, Atlassian, Digital Lumens, Ecovative Design, Ferrate Treatment Technologies, Flexoresearch Group, foursquare, GetJar, Ion Torrent, Knewton, Layar, Medicine in Need, Molecular Partners, NetQin Mobile, Neuronetics, Novacem, On-Ramp Wireless, OpenDNS, OPOWER, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions, ReputationDefender, Scribd, SecondMarket, Spotify, TaKaDu, Tendril, Topell Energy, Transonic Combustion, Vortex Engineering.

You’ll be hearing more about them in the news this week as they receive their awards and recognition at a ceremony in China.

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