If you still think social media sites like Twitter is a time-waster, it’s time to re-consider this incredible business innovation. Twitter can be a wonderful customer-service tool, IF you know how to use it.

Check out what Best Buy is doing to maximize its Twitter impact on its customers all around the world. The company has created an account called @Twelpforce, and now it can assist anyone with a mobile phone or Internet connection in real time. That’s great news for consumers who don’t want to sit in your automated voice-mail queue for an hour.

Twelpforce has more than 28,000 followers! Many of them don’t always need to go to the Twitter site, but can check conversations on a Best Buy Feed site.

Consumers love the fact that they can get technical assistance 24-7 all for free! @Twelpforce is a great way to show customers how valuable they are and how far you’ll go to meet their needs. How far will your organization go with social media?

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