Imagine walking or driving through your local neighborhood and getting an instant message that alerts you to a home for sale that matches your needs, or a message that tells you your favorite hot wings are the deal of the day at a restaurant right around the corner.  We are getting closer and closer to that kind of technology. Last week a new location platform was introduced that could be a stepping stone in that direction. Sparkle from Location Labs helps developers create better location-based applications, and will ultimately help businesses serve the wants and needs of consumers.

Using “geofencing,” Sparkle allows for the identification and location of any phone and supports voice control, SMS and a very intriguing feature: the ability to detect motion and velocity. Developers say that might be used to automatically disable your text while you drive. You can read more about geotechnology here.

For Android and  iPhone owners, the new technology will someday be able to suggest deals or check-in points, and even set up location-based controls for your kids.

That’s just the start. From Location Labs’ website I found several fun apps that use geolocation technology:

  • Mayor Maker – Automatically checks you into your favorite Foursquare places without actually opening Foursquare.
  • Dine Out Cheap – Alerts you to a nearby dining deal.
  • MobiQpons – Shows you when and where to redeem coupons as you walk by.
  • Whatamap – Lets you roam a mall or other indoor shopping area to find great deals.
  • Noel Group – For travelers wanting to know weather conditions and local events.

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