Here’s a story about an innovative shoe, and a unique way to get them sold for a much higher amount than what it takes to manufacture them, all for a good cause. Nike is teaming up with eBay to introduce one of the most futuristic—and expensive—shoes for the future. Nike’s 2011 MAG is inspired by the move Back to the Future II’s character Marty McFly and his amazing shoes that light up, but don’t power lace quite yet.

Thousands of fans went to the ebay auction site and helped raise nearly a million dollars for Michael J. Fox’s (the actor who played Marty) foundation to fight Parkinson’s Disease, which the actor has been battling for more than a decade. Interestingly, it is the fans who inspired the new shoe. Back in 2007 fans started a grassroots effort named McFly2015 to ask Nike to make the shoe with the automatic lacing system, which Nike tried to make. We’re not quite to the future yet though, and Nike is promising to launch those power laces by 2015—the year that Marty in the movie shows off his new shoes.

The popular film trilogy just celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, so fans are already looking for anything that they can get their hands on relating to the movies.

Nike released only 1,500 pairs of the shoes, and started its ten-day sale last week marketing to the highest bidder on its auction on eBay. Prices are already in the thousands!  Nike is donating all proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Google Founder Sergey Brin are matching donations up to $50 million.

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