I’m in Amsterdam, wrapping up a two-day Masterclass Collaboration Frameworks for Innovation workshop showing innovators a hands-on approach to leveraging internal and external networks to extend their capabilities. It’s been a fantastic experience both for me as a teacher/speaker and for those who are now going to apply all they’ve learned about the tools and strategies needed to deliver new growth.

I’ve long enjoyed my partnership with Pure Insight in bringing these new tools and processes to those who can put into practice insights and case studies to find immediate results.

We’re going beyond a typical conference or classroom-style environment to roll up our sleeves together to define not only the level of openness that you want to employ when dealing with partners, but the structure you need in your company and teams to accelerate and enable collaboration. These leaders already know that innovating outside of their organizational boundaries through collaboration is absolutely critical to growing their businesses. We’re upping the ante in how those deals and arrangements are structured, by setting a robust before, during and after collaboration framework for making the partnerships successful for all parties.

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