Many inventors, entrepreneurs and companies I’ve worked with have been embracing some unusual and unique creative strategies to deliver innovation and growth. It’s that kind of creativity that brings me to Portugal this morning, presenting at the 12th annual European Conference on Creativity and Innovation.

It’s a hands-on experience in which I am helping leaders identify key elements of what we call the Innovation Pyramid™ model necessary to build a solid foundation for translating creative ideas/inventions into innovation.

Yes, it is a strategy. But I liken it more to a journey in which we explore a new way of thinking about our businesses in a way that translates our team’s creative ideas and invention into innovation.

There are numerous obstacles in working in a creative environment, such as how we can manage creative people who have these great ideas but need some help turning those into tangible results that benefit their innovation efforts. Leaders also need to hone their culture and keep their innovators involved and engaged. That’s when leaders can harvest the fruits of human creativity.

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