Leading Game-Changing Open Innovation

I’m in Amsterdam, wrapping up a two-day Masterclass Collaboration Frameworks for Innovation workshop showing innovators a hands-on approach to leveraging internal and external networks to extend their capabilities. It’s been a fantastic experience both for me as a teacher/speaker and for those who are now going to apply all they’ve learned about the tools and

Global focus on innovation rapidly on the rise

I recently returned from our first Food & Beverage 2011: Sustainable Innovation Summit last week in Chicago,  where some of the top innovation leaders from small and large global food giants (Kraft, General Mills, Heinz, Smuckers and many others), gathered to talk about innovation. We learned from each other how to better create a user

How customers drive co-creation

I’ve just come back from hosting an incredible conference in Phoenix, where I met some of the leading innovators who have broken down walls to collaborate with other companies to deliver innovation and customer satisfaction. Here’s  my newspaper column this week on how co-creation can work in organizations of any size: This week I had