Building the Innovation System of the 21st Century!

Open innovation is not just about looking outside your organization for ideas and solutions anymore. It is not about the latest crowdsourcing tools and techniques. Open innovation offers a new way of doing business that can help companies grow, but it also challenges many of the core tenets of the organization.

Unfortunately, open innovation is a sticky problem that is not easily solved and all organizations are facing a choice:

  • Embrace open innovation and make it core to your operations
  • Selectively look outside the organization only when absolutely necessary
  • Ignore open innovation altogether and continue with business as usual

The Open Innovation Leaders Forum is designed for leaders from organizations that have chosen to embrace open innovation as the core to their innovation strategy. This forum is designed specifically for leaders to tackle the tough issues of building an open organization.

You will hear from leaders and visionaries on how to:

  • Tailor your open approaches to move beyond just R&D into other functions such as marketing, supply chain and HR
  • Evolve company culture to support and drive innovation initiatives
  • Expand your innovation processes across multiple functions and levels
  • Accelerate innovation by partnering with key customers, partners, end-consumers and suppliers
  • Recruit, incentivize and retain the right top talent to roll out and execute your new innovation initiatives

Register here:

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