BackpacksWhat’s in the backpack these days? Only the latest high-tech gadgets I’ll bet you never dreamed possible! I’ve collected a few ranging in price from $13 to $129.

Lots of schedule-challenged students are using TimeCommand, an app-enhanced audio alarm clock that not only wakes them up to noise and lights, but soothes them to sleep. This app transfers alarms from an iPhone, iPod or iPad to other devices, whether or not they’re plugged in. You can even turn on lights and lamps or waken to a siren. But this is no freebie app–it retails for $99.95.

Then there is the reference book scanner called the IRIScan Book 2, a lightweight and portable gadget for $129 that saves time and paper by capturing information from books and magazines. it even scans in color. You can then import the pages right to your iPad or into Word and Excel spreadsheets that are fully editable and searchable.

Need something cheaper? The AViiQ Ready Clip is only $12.99, and is a great for USB charging and syncing iPhone, iPad and Android devices without using cords.

For anyone who uses an iPad for their textbooks, one of my favorites is the Griffin’s Binder Insert Case for $24.99. It’s a holder that comes with a free app download, and allows teachers to monitor classroom participation. They can even create a pass-code protected classroom so students can join the network to answer quiz questions during class. My favorite part is the Buzz-in mode, showing everyone who buzzed in first with the right answer!

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