High tech scanners are helping students get through cafeteria lines faster in many schools throughout the nation this fall, and that’s a big help for those districts where overcrowding is a challenge. Did you know that the United States Department of Agriculture requires students to have a “seat time” of 20 minutes for lunch? But the common complaint is that it often takes a lot longer than that to get through the lines, especially on pizza day!

In one West Virginia district, schools began using finger scanners a few days ago. Both students and parents like the idea, especially the way in which biometric finger scanning maintains privacy. Here is how The Journal is reporting the story:

Jefferson County schools to begin using finger scanners

August 31, 2012

By Michelle Horst – Journal staff writer

MARTINSBURG – With the quick swipe of a finger, students in Berkeley County are able to pay for lunch in less than a second. Jefferson County plans to implement the same system in two of its middle schools in September.

“Biometric finger scanning is used to improve efficiency in serving students meals and accuracy in billing for those meals. Our schools must balance instructional time and

adequate time for meal consumption,” said Tracy Heck, director of child nutrition and wellness for Berkeley County Schools.

The scanning software, IdentiMetrics, is a state-adopted program. According to the IdentiMetrics software description, the computer system develops a grid of intersection points from the swirls and arcs on the scanned finger. The unique points are translated into a binary number, which is encrypted and stored. No fingerprint image is stored, and no fingerprint can be recreated from the binary number.

(Journal photo by Michelle Horst)

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