If you’ve ever liked a photo online and wondered how and where you can find that must-have item, now there’s a new online tool to help people do that. It’s called CrowdSend, and it encourages users who find an item they like to “ask the crowd” where to buy it.

Users need to set up an account with CrowdSend, and then upload the photo (from Pinterest or any other website), and ask the community to identify it.

Other users can then chime in and suggest what it might be, and post the brand, model and where it can be bought. If you are the member who correctly identified the product, you can gain rewards in the form of discounts.

This is great news for companies who want to monitor consumer engagement with their brands online.

Although currently in private beta, the site already has more than 25 million products tagged. Would you participate in a program like this?

Photos courtesy of www.crowdsend.com

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