Photo via Takara Tomy

Toys are getting a lot more sophisticated these days, and many of them have been innovated to solve a consumer challenge. Take the Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse toy from Japan, for instance. This new toy lulls little ones to sleep by simulating their breathing patterns.  The dolls were made available worldwide from Japan Trend Shop today.

The dolls are created by Takara Tomy, who collaborated with cognitive and respiratory researchers at the Showa University School of Medicine.  Inside the doll, there is a mechanism that copies a slow and rhythmic movement, encouraging the child to fall asleep.

According to the corporate website, the concept behind this doll is that breathing is central to how well you sleep. Hug Minnie and it will feel like she is breathing slow, gentle breaths, which will in turn then transfer rhythmically to the child. The would-be sleeper will eventually match Minnie’s breathing and relaxing into slumber.



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