Have you heard of psychoacoustics?  It’s a big word for a form of therapy that promises mood-altering results. And get this: A company called Digipill is offering this therapy as swallowable, downloadable drugs, through transient electronics that dissolve in the body.

These digital drugs are already helping humans to alter their health with technology. Digipill uses a form of hypnosis that can induce experiences ranging from relaxation to weight loss and creative ambition to legal highs.

Here’s what the website says about the Digipill:

Digipill uses psychoacoustics to allow you to unlock your subconscious and change your perception.
There are no gimmicks or binaural beats involved; instead, Digipill uses completely unique techniques inside carefully crafted audio ‘pills’ which typically play for around half an hour – although the effects can often last for much longer – sometimes even a lifetime.

United Kingdom-based mobile developer Yuza developed the drugs, with the assistance of self-help author Brian Colbert.

“Each Digipill has been uniquely formulated using specific blends of sound and language to gently engage and activate more of the mind. This makes it easier to bring about change, build new habits, and promote an overall sense of wellbeing”says Colbert, leading expert in NLP, and psychoacoustic director of Digipill.

Each pill contains 30 minutes of audio.  Users download the free app and receive one free ‘pill’ to try before purchasing other options from the Pill Store.


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