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Some of the most incredible innovation is coming in the realm of prosthetics.  Artificial limbs have advanced to the point now that we can make fingers work simply by using our minds.

Recently, a team of Swiss and Italian researches developed the  LifeHand 2, which is a first-of-its-kind artificial hand that restores a sense of touch to patients with a missing limb.  Here’s how describes it:

The limb is wired up to electrodes implanted into the nerves at the point of amputation to allow easy control with no more than a thought. While still in the experimental stages, this new type of prosthetic could allow amputees to more easily lift and manipulate objects without having to carefully watch their every move.   (read more: Thought-Controlled Robotic Arm Returns the Sense of Touch to Amputees)

Here is a video on what this can do:

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