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Making everyday items better

Regional manufacturing innovations hit mainstream

Story by Larry Avila, New North B2B Editor

They’re all around us and we likely don’t even give it a second thought.

From vehicles to move people and goods to the gizmos that keep us connected to daily happenings as well as friends and family, there’s one thing that bonds them together – someone came up with an idea to make a once-thought-impossible or difficult task possible.

But in a world that constantly demands better and faster, a culture of innovation soon followed and quietly blossomed in northeast Wisconsin.

What goes on behind the scenes as a new product or manufacturing process is being created rarely – if ever – is publically disclosed but on occasion a place develops a reputation for being a hub for creative ideas.

“I think that for those within the region and those that interact with innovators within the region are aware and have some recognition that northeast Wisconsin is becoming a source of innovation and that this innovation can enable further growth across many industries,” said Cheryl Perkins, founder of Innovationedge in Neenah and former chief innovation officer for Kimberly-Clark Corp.

She said businesses and people across the region gained more access to resources through the years to think of better ways of doing things.

“Training and education exists in the region as well as facilities like Fox Valley Technical College’s Fab Lab, tools and consultancy firms help them create more innovative ideas and translate their ideas into a commercial success,” Perkins said.

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