Imagine using smart phone apps or a laptop to meet with a doctor without missing work or school?  I know it’s a time-consuming endeavor to head to a medical office for an appointment. I’m working with a client who has an innovative medical practice called Mobile Health Team, and I find this exciting concept changing the way parents help their children maintain healthy lifestyles and manage their cholesterol. Mobile Health Team recently opened its office in northeast Wisconsin, where  Dr. Ann Liebeskind, a Cholesterol Management Specialist, started the practice to make it easier for families to access the resources they need to successfully treat cholesterol problems and pre-diabetes.

Dr. Liebeskind is offering the future of medical care with her private and secure online consultations — full medical appointments —  ideal for busy individuals and families who already use technology in their daily lives.   What I find unique in her model is that she has blended her expertise in cholesterol with the convenience of mobile technology to offer options for patients to access the care and support they need.

Mobile Health Team coordinates care with a patient’s primary care physician or specialty physician. When there is a concern about a patient’s cholesterol, the patient may be referred to Dr. Liebeskind for a deeper look into the cholesterol problem.

“Many times, high cholesterol is a symptom of another problem,” explains Dr. Liebeskind. “The focus of Mobile Health Team is to identify the root causes of a patient’s cholesterol problem, develop a personalized plan to make the most impact, and support the patient on their journey to better health.”

The team offers a ‘Mobile’ tele-health option where appointments are held remotely through a secure online connection (similar to Skype) using a smart phone, tablet or computer. The mobile option is convenient for busy families who prefer to not take off work, miss school, or travel a long distance for an appointment. They can receive consultation and support in the comfort of their own home.

While Mobile Health Team works with patients of all ages, it specializes in care for kids and families. There is an increased awareness about the importance of testing cholesterol in children. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians begin testing cholesterol levels for all children ages 9 – 11. This is an ideal age to detect genetic causes that could lead to high cholesterol, and a time when parents have more control to incorporate healthy habits at home. Check it out at www.MobileHealthTeam.com.



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