Imagine a running shoe that will biodegrade in 36 hours after you dispose of them. Just put them in your sink, and back to the earth they go!
The shoe company Adidas is going to introduce these shoes sometime this year. The innovation is the result of the company’s partnership with Munich-based biotech company AMSilk, for Adidas’s new Futurecraft line. The shoes, while still prototypes, will someday reach the next level of sustainability, using biomimicry in the form of a spider-inspired fabric that is 100 percent biodegradable and bio-sourced. Says Adidas:

The material is a sort of biomimicry inspired by spider silk. The Biosteel yarn is created using natural carbon sources that are fermented and converted into a white powder. It’s already been rolled out in a number of forms for medical serves like implants and surgical meshes and has been utilized for beauty products. The company’s third division is focused on textiles, which is where Adidas comes in.  (source)

Check out this video concept:

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