Do you have a “personal innovation strategy?” Do you need one?

My friend Robert Tucker recently published a Forbes article on disruption, and why we generally associate it with companies rather than our own careers. He notes, “in a time of exponential change and dislocation, with job functions being automated and algorithms doing more of the work humans used to do, it’s more important than ever to develop a personal career road-map that keeps you on course, no matter what comes at you.”

I wholeheartedly agree that we all need to develop our own written plan to keep us on course through good times and bad, and to help us roll with the punches. Robert suggests six ways to get started on your personal innovation strategy. I’ve shared a snippet here, and encourage you to read the rest over at Forbes:

1. Take time to develop your strategy.

A Personal Innovation Strategy is a well-conceived and written set of goals, habits, and daily actions that alert you to threats, helps you seize opportunities, and insures your viability over time. Whether you’re an independent contractor (part of the “gig” economy), or a corporate employee, think of yourself as You, Inc. Since the likelihood is almost 100 percent that you’ll be independent at some point, think of yourself in this context already.

Action step: Take at least fifteen minutes daily to strategize and invest time in contemplating your future. Make it a point to learn something new every day about the changing fortunes in your profession or industry. Collect articles, ask questions, read books, do research, and take notes. Lifelong learning begins here.

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