Top takeaways from CES

Having just come back from CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show), it’s clear: legacy companies need to step up their digital game. If you don’t have a digital technology strategy, you’ll become obsolete very fast. Even more importantly, you need a customer experience (CX) strategy – experience is key to every value proposition. Hyper-personalization, convenience, intelligence, 24/7 accessibility, and storytelling are essential to engage

Incite Innovation Podcast

Incite Innovation is a podcast series designed to advance innovation leadership and inspire teams. Featuring Cheryl Perkins, it features fresh insights and incisive guest interviews on key trends, practices, technologies, and ideas. The first two episodes address Collaborative Innovation, Partnerships, and Ecosystems for the Digital Age and Balancing Long-Term Growth with Short-Term Profits. Check out the

Open innovation has grown up. What does it take to win today – and in the future?

How do you successfully build networks and ecosystems as your company moves beyond single solutions and one-to-one collaborations? And how do you tap into the digital capabilities of partners required to expand your market reach and delivery? Open innovation in today’s world has become more complex. Advances in information technology and connectivity have heightened consumers’

Six Keys to Balancing Short- and Long-Term Innovation Goals: How to Resolve Competing Demands

To survive in today’s hyper-competitive world, your company must stay on top of constantly changing markets, technologies, and socioeconomic factors. To be profitable, you must continually enhance and/or add offerings while controlling costs. To grow, however, you must go further – you need a forward-looking strategy and the infrastructure to execute it. You must focus on the top line as well

The Amazon effect on B2B – what should your e-commerce strategy be? Top 5 Considerations

We’ve been receiving more and more inquiries lately around e-commerce for B2C and B2B. For consumer-facing companies the online imperative and path are clear: strong searchability (Amazon presence is key), ‘frictionless’ commerce, competitive pricing, benefit-oriented product listings, fast delivery, and positive customer reviews all matter. Though implementing B2C strategy is not easy, there are many

Innovation and Growth Leadership Summit: What’s uppermost on leaders’ minds

The Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit (IGL), held in Phoenix AZ, brought together a dynamic group of innovation leaders. Responsible for defining and executing growth strategies, participants shared many similar goals and challenges. Key takeaways: Differentiate by offering products that are personalized, premium, and make life better. Whether it’s multi-sensory, intelligent, or ensures health and longevity,