New report shows we use our phones more than our computers

I’ve reported before that mobile applications are increasingly becoming the go-to platforms for our information, the way we connect and how we navigate. Mobile usage will continue to increase as more and more of us use smartphone technology. Here’s a great chart that shows us how we are now spending more time using mobile apps

Consumers think green with high-tech buys

Electronics manufacturers are making a lot of progress in improving energy efficiency, and that’s good news for those of us trying to leave a smaller eco-footprint in our energy usage wake.  In my weekly column published yesterday I wrote about how manufacturers aren’t only improving the energy efficiency of electronic gadgets when they are on,

Cash-strapped consumers still expect quality with food

Even in this tough economic reality we live in, rising food prices aren’t souring our hunger for food that is healthy, satisfying and tasty. I’ve been writing about grocery shopping trends and some innovative consumer solutions from the food and beverage industry. Here’s more consumer insight from an article I published yesterday: Several trends in

Innovation stories to unfold at the Sustainable Innovation Summit

Every company has a unique story to tell about their innovation journey. As I’ve partnered with innovation trailblazers all around the world, I’ve been inspired by so many incredible, thought-provoking insights from those who have faced and overcome daunting challenges in their industries. That’s why I’m so excited about a brand new innovation convergence happening

Business Model Innovation: E-Lynxx Makes Procurement Transparent with Automated Auctions

Ask the leaders of a business how much they spend on printing. The response can be interesting, even hilarious. It’s an expense that is easily overlooked yet can be substantial. Few companies know if they are being overbilled. Decisions may be handled by cloudy processes where influences other than quality and value sometimes hold sway.

May 2011: Insight Magazine

                          May 2011, Insight Magazine If your office employs a diverse array of age groups, chances are you experience a clash of temperaments now and then. To shed a little light on the issue, Insight invited Innovationedge President Cheryl Perkins to lead a