I’ve reported before that mobile applications are increasingly becoming the go-to platforms for our information, the way we connect and how we navigate. Mobile usage will continue to increase as more and more of us use smartphone technology.

Here’s a great chart that shows us how we are now spending more time using mobile apps than we do on our desktops or laptops:

Chart courtesy of Flurry.com

The chart comes from an analysis firm, according to Flurry, a company that breaks down mobile usage in the U.S. Notice that from June of last year to this June, both mobile app usage and computer internet usage have increased–just not at the same rate.

“For the first time ever, daily time spent in mobile apps surpasses desktop and mobile web consumption,” Flurry reports.

Flurry says most of the time we spend using the mobile apps is in gaming or social networking. These two activities alone take up about 80 percent of our time online, leaving the other 20 percent on entertainment and news. I find that very interesting, don’t you?

How does this chart square up with your own mobile usage?

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