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Even in this tough economic reality we live in, rising food prices aren’t souring our hunger for food that is healthy, satisfying and tasty. I’ve been writing about grocery shopping trends and some innovative consumer solutions from the food and beverage industry. Here’s more consumer insight from an article I published yesterday:

Several trends in the food industry are prompting innovation leaders to serve up new ways to appeal to shoppers feeling the pinch at the checkout aisle.

While grocery retailers are still struggling in this down market, we’re seeing a new kind of consumer who demands a great value. But if you think it’s all about the bottom line at the checkout line, you might not be getting the full flavor of what grocery shoppers really want.

Value in today’s economy is not just about price. We’re finding that consumers aren’t willing to sacrifice quality and taste just to squeeze a few more dollars from their grocery budget. That’s good news for private label food manufacturers, as grocery shoppers are eating up brands that deliver value.

Enjoy the rest of the article here.  Are you part of the trend to put quality and taste over price?


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