I found an interesting new tool that was just released last week for those wanting to take healthy living into their own hands—literally. Jawbone, the maker of Bluetooth headsets is hoping its new Up life monitoring wristband will sell like hotcakes this holiday season, and help those of us who enjoy hotcakes to burn those extra calories.
The Jawbone Up actually tracks your every move by showing you exactly what you are eating, how long you are sleeping and what you need to do to lose those stubborn pounds. It even tells you the calorie content in your meal just by analyzing a photo you take on your device.
Using a wristband and an iOS app, the device will tell you when you’ve been sedentary at your desk or in front of the TV too long, and wake you up when your sleep cycle says enough is enough.
You do need to wear the water resistant wristband 24 hours a day, and some think this tracking technology could be a little too invasive of privacy.
Check out this video.

The Jawbone Up is available for the iPad, the iPod Touch (4th generation) and the iPhone (3GS, 4 and 4S), comes in many different colors and sells for about $100. Could this technology be under your tree in December?

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