I am pleased to be participating in an upcoming live web event that I am sure you will find helpful for front-end innovation insights:

These days everything we do in the innovation realm is influenced and powered by digital technology. It is redefining the way new ideas are explored, gathered, evaluated, and promoted;  impacting culture and processes as well as challenging legal frameworks. I’ll be part of a roundtable discussion that will address huge challenges we all face in this new frontier. I hope you can join me for fresh perspectives on:

  1. How to increase the volume of high-quality new ideas entering the organization in an efficient manner without increasing costs or requiring expensive expert resources.
  2. How to recognize which cultural elements to act upon in order to be ready for digital transformations. What cultural treats keep prevailing cultures moving forward?
  3. How to deal with intellectual property and freedom-to-operate challenges that arise in new digital environments.
  4. How to define holistic strategies for innovation programs which take transformational digital elements into account.

Some other takeaways I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

  1. Learn how new digital technologies are transforming the front-end of innovation.
  2. Learn how to deal with pressing IP issues in the existing, as well as the emerging, open innovation environments.
  3. Get valuable insights and best practices for building holistic strategies and processes which will benefit from the emerging digital environments.

Check out the rest of the panel of experts who are thought leaders in our industry and join me on June 19th!


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