Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 4.46.00 PMWhat are the most urgent needs facing today’s leaders? I think it’s the dual need for business and organizational transformation in order to address the future challenges coming our way.

I’m excited to be among a team of highly experienced coaches and leadership effectiveness experts leading a highly interactive leadership development experience this summer specifically for Chief Organizational Capability Officers (COCOs), who are tasked with driving business performance through organizational capability.

Who are the COCOs?

COCOs are responsible for making organizations more agile, innovative, resilient, and capable, by drawing from general management, change leadership, human capital, innovation, strategy, branding and marketing, and other areas of expertise.
Until now, COCOs have few places they can turn to share ideas, information, issues, and innovations with like-minded peers who often represent different functional disciplines and may hold a wide range of job titles.
Good news! Now there is a gathering of like-minded COCOs: Our conference is CLEAR™ VIEW: Driving Business Performance through Organizational Capability, June 21-24, 2016, Lansdowne Conference Center and Resort, Leesburg, Virginia.
I’ll be joining esteemed colleagues for this one-of-a-kind event, and speaking on: Creating an Innovation Culture to Refresh Organizational Capability.

CLEAR™ VIEW is co-founded by CLEAR™ Institute, a strategic partnership between EXec EXcel Group LLC and Metrus Group Inc., featuring world-class faculty and CLEAR™ Institute team members.


CLEAR™ VIEW is designed for senior HR and operating executives responsible for driving agility, change, culture, innovation, leadership, talent, and/or transformation in their organizations. Participants will typically be Chief HR Officers, Chief Talent Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Senior Vice Presidents/Vice Presidents, and high potential Directors in key HR, general management or functional roles that have 10-15+ years or more of experience in leading organizations and change. CLEAR VIEW™ will be ideal for individual participants, as well as for intact leadership teams of high potentials and key contributors to organizational capability.


The content of CLEAR™ VIEW is focused on building practical strategies to address the following challenges:

  • Future Business and Work Environment
  • Execution through People – the Optimization of Human Capital
  • Business, Leadership, and Talent Strategy Integration
  • Agility and Change
  • Innovation Culture
  • Networked Organizations and Global Communities


CLEAR™ VIEW brings together COCOs from across multiple companies, industries, functional disciplines, geographies, and organizational levels for a three day in-residence session, and is specifically designed to capitalize on diverse perspectives, challenges, and lessons learned that can only be addressed through cross-organizational peer discussions.
Pre-work includes a Personal Leadership Profile, an individual assessment to determine personal and organizational readiness for change, a case study, and select readings. Team coaching is embedded in the in-residence work to support team assignments and peer interactions, and post-program learning may be extended through an organizational assessment as well as team and individual coaching opportunities with CLEAR™ Institute coaches.

Click here for schedule, program outline, costs and registration.

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