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If you are considering joining us for the Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit April 25-26, 2016 in Chicago, you will bring back an incredible wealth of knowledge and connections. By participating, you will receive actionable insights from top experts to help you unify and lead your organization.

Check out the agenda! Your specific questions and challenges will drive the discussion; potential topics to be covered include:

  1. Leading organizational and cultural change to increase agility, speed and profit margins.  Empowering people to move forward with clear purpose and priorities.
  2. Balancing growth objectives with resource constraints – keeping motivation high, especially after restructuring.
  3. Putting the metrics (and rewards) focus on where change is needed most. Identifying inefficiencies and gaps, benchmarking and setting targets – and implementing at the staff level.
  4. Making sure the right people are in the right jobs, equipping them with the right capabilities for success.
  5. Collaboration between the ‘rungs on the ladder;’ decision-making at all levels. Providing context, guidance, clarity, and support.
  6. Strategic redirection of funds toward innovation and growth. Making sure R&D cuts are not too deep or irreplaceable.
  7. Making the cultural shift to zero-based budgeting, closed loop management and similar approaches.
  8. The importance of transparency – frequent and open two-way communication; how it is easier said than done.
  9. When going outside and/or partnering can boost ROI, when it may make things worse, and how to know the difference.
  10. Expanding your ecosystem, collaborating with non-traditional partners – bringing together service with manufacturing, digital with brick-and-mortar, tapping into the ‘sharing economy’ and global co-creation community for market-driven innovation.
  11. New supply chain and distribution channel innovations and economics. Enabling greater agility and end-customer satisfaction.
  12. Prototyping and 3D printing – using small-batch production to speed time-to-market without the cost and risk of traditional mass manufacturing.
  13. The latest thinking on product portfolio and idea management – deciding what to launch, what to kill in today’s ever-changing marketplace.
  14. What you need in your toolbox to make sense of big data, predictive analytics, and other sources of customer intelligence. How to sort the wheat from the chaff and uncover real market needs.
  15. Integration – bringing everything together, culture, processes, people, and tools.

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