Will drones be under your tree?

One of the hottest and most mysterious gift ideas for 2015 seems to be the Drone. It seems the drone is not just for government surveillance anymore.  I remember when my boys were fascinated by remote-controlled toys that could drive, fly and entertain them for hours. But times are different, and technology has made it

5 Habits Of Truly Disruptive Leaders

disrupt: (verb dis·rupt \dis-ˈrəpt\) to cause (something) to be unable to continue in the normal way; to interrupt the normal progress or activity of (something).  -Webster’s Dictionary In its November 9th report under Fast Company’s “Hit the Ground Running” series, Faisal Hoque reports that even though disruption and leadership might seem like opposing forces, the

Great gadgets and social sharing

These days inventors are turning to social media to help raise awareness of their innovative offerings. This video from Kaboost caught my eye on Facebook the other day, and has gone viral with more than 6,500 shares in the past week. How can social media boost your invention?

How do you face down disruption?

One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur and business consultant: Nothing ever stays the same. What succeeded for your company five years ago most likely is no longer working today. Why? Because the playing field has changed while you were basking in success. And it always does. My friend Robert Tucker writes about facing down

Tall buildings made of – wood?

Here’s something you wouldn’t expect to be innovative – or safe. But of course it is both of those things. A new 10-story residential condo, slated for Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, and a 12-story retail, office, and apartment building in Portland, Oregon, will be the first two tall wood buildings in America. Wood generally has a

The Five Hottest Innovation Trends

The start up craze. 3-D printing. Uber, AirBNB and the unstoppable On Demand Economy. My friend Robert Tucker has been reporting on these and other driving forces of change: Only a year ago, we were just hearing about the “sharing economy” (since renamed the On Demand Economy), today the mainstream media reports on these trends constantly.

Plantbeat measures the health of crops

Have you heard of PlantBeat for farms? It’s being developed in Israel thanks to an Open Innovation partnership that is bringing the so-called “internet of things” to the U.S. and Central America. More on what it is in a moment. First, the partnership. Israeli agritech firm Phytech, is partnering with ADAMA Agricultural Solutions to sell