Laughter: Good for Innovation!

I came across a post from a few years ago, and had almost forgotten how funny this was: When Good Laughs Inspire Innovation         by Stefan Lindegaard Have you ever thought that bringing people together on innovation is like hearding cats? Cheryl Perkins, founder of InnovationEdge made me laugh when she included this video in

Five Ways to Disrupt the Disruptors

There’s a new breed of digital disruptors that are impacting everything. My friend Robert Tucker at Innovation Resource has penned a piece about disruption trends in the coming months. At FIS’s banking conference in Orlando last month, the talk was of digital disruption. As if Dodd-Frank financial regulations and blockchain technology weren’t enough to contend

Top 70 Toy Innovations

School’s out for most children, or will be in a week or two for everyone. What will keep their minds entertained?  Parents looking to think outside of the toybox might want to consider these ideas. From educational electricity kits to plastic pizza frisbees, the toy industry is using technology and creative insights to shape what

The Top 10 Companies Millennials Want to Work For

When we talk about trends for Millennials, it’s because these are the folks who’ve been handed our baton of leadership, technology and innovation.  So what drives them and what shapes them? Inc. Magazine reports the top brands that are attracting and influencing the millennial workforce: Lists of Millennials’ top workplaces, top apps, and top athletes offer plenty of insights

Return of the “dumb phone”?

Most of us can’t wait to get the latest and greatest hand-held computers we use as smart phones. I don’t know how I could do what I do without instant access to my apps and tools on my phone. But not everyone wants this convenience. Here’s an interesting video about the “Return of the Dumb

The Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit is here!    

Our Innovationedge team is excited to invite you to our upcoming event: The Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit: Collaborating for Transformative Growth – Inside, Outside and Across Organizations, April 25-26, 2016 in Chicago has been designed to focus specifically on the challenges of senior R&D leadership.  This one-of-a-kind Summit will bring together executives from organizations

Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2016

Health care continues to be a hot topic for our society, and in 2016 no doubt we will see more discussion. Innovative ideas and actual breakthroughs are exciting, and I look forward to seeing new technologies transform the health care industry. One of the big advances is in the area of new vaccines to treat